Key Features

      • Gene chip compatible with IVT (3’ expression arrays such as U133).
      • Gene chip compatible with all Exon and Gene ST Arrays.
      • Find genes with tissue specific expression.
      • Find genes with tissue specific alt. splicing.
      • Restrict to splicing that may change protein sequence.
      • Find outlier probes and samples.
      • Alternative splicing effect removed from gene level and fold change.
      • Auto generates a ‘methods document’ in MS Word.

Affymetrix GeneChip compatible

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Biotique XRAY

XRAY (Excel® Array Analysis) is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel® that finds significant gene expression level and alternative splicing differences between biological states

XRAY Overview

Familiar, User Friendly Environment
You already know how to use Excel so why learn another complicated gene expression application? The XRAY project set-up wizard gives you an easy interface to the most sophisticated analyses fully indexed by help and references.

All graphics and results are fully customizable and publication quality Excel graphs and tables. With XRAY’s easy to use interface you can be running your data in less than one hour.

Powerful, Fast Performance
Quickly run thousands of arrays on modest computers. Fixed memory implementation allows simultaneous analysis and normalization on computers with 500Mb ram. Excel 2002,2003, 2007 with Windows XP or Vista 32 or 64 bit. Mac running Windows supported.

Tiling Arrays
The XRAY wizard allows easy configuration of tiling analysis over multi-chip sets. MAT and TAS like algorithms are supported as well as Biotique’s implementation of an HMM to identify binding regions.

Intuitive Operation
The Analysis wizard makes project construction simple. Significant differential gene expression and alternative splicing events are represented in easy-to-understand result pages. The array quality report worksheet shows CEL File quality and normalization diagnostics to help you easily identify bad hybridization & artifact.

No Hassle Integration and Results Sharing
      • XRAY is unique in that you can share results with colleagues even if they don’t have an XRAY license.
      • Single button click of exon/gene results with expression values to UCSC tracks.
      • Automatic generation of MS Word document describintg methods and results.
      • IPA file generation for integration with Ingenuity™ Pathway Analysis.
      • Templates for R integration auto generated.
XRAY accepts binary CEL files, and integrates results with NetAffx and public databases. Excel offers easy integration with other office applications & ODBC databases. Users have full access to filtering, pivot tables, and all Excel functions.

Affordable Pricing
Academics: $1500 - Commercial: $3000

Screen Shots

CEL files from Normal are purple and CEL files from Tumor are green. By clicking and dragging the graph can be rotated in all axes. Information from all genes was used to generate the PCA, not just differentially expressed genes.

XRAY Customer Testimonials

" We utilize the Affymetrix GeneChip Mouse Exon 1.0ST arrays to examine differences in gene expression and alternative splicing in control versus drug treated tissues. In the familiar Microsoft Excel environment, with a few mouse clicks, XRAY enables us to easily and quickly VISUALIZE the alternative usage of one or more exons in transcripts that differ between control and treatment groups. In addition, we can contextualize our results within the genomic locus via seamless integration with the UCSC genome browser. In our experience, XRAY is indispensable for the analysis of exon array data."

- Dr. Susan Dorsey, University Maryland Baltimore